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  • there you go mirens, all synth Nexus rom VST, PD Ambient Pad 1, PL Illusionize 1, PL Creamalogue, PD Andromeda Pad, VO BinaryVoice, BA BigBad, LD Brass 2, LD Classic JP Leader 3, CL Angels Harp, GT Rainy Morning, AR Italo 80s B
  • Nice one! Is it me or everyone started making sad tracks , also how are you making so many tracks in such short time...
  • my tracks sound sad or dark because I always use minor keys - as how am doing it so fast - I asked that same question to the admin about 10 years ago, he never did answer my question. Actually I move much faster now, I do about 8-10 songs a day  - this is how its done - I keep my drum one shots very organized - all bass drums, hi hats, snares etc.  has its own folder, it's a big library about 12 terabytes, I made 10-20 song structures for each genre, So its half way made before I even start. I know where the pads or strings, bass, fx drum change ups  etc. will come in before I start.  I don't do too much experimenting when speed writing, I use what works, out of everything  for speed  the most important thing to me is song structure. If I don't use a pre made song structure. I still follow the basic song structure - intro - break - drop - break down - build up - drop - outro , hope that helps   
  • all so I pre master every track as I write them, all that means I use eq and side chaining 
  • wow! you are organized! 8-10 tracks per day... 12 terabytes of oneshot samples...   that is wild! I start every track from scratch :/ I don't know why.
  • Admin
    > I asked that same question to the admin about 10 years ago, he never did answer my question

  • 12TB of just drums????  Jeeeze....I have so much to learn.
  • I have maybe 2TB of samples and loops TOTAL
  • We all want to see your setup....okay...well I do. 
  • MrDadrox - my setup is the old buzzmachines.com XND build