Kalder - Cover of The Girl Without a Tooth in Front (mastering)

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  • mastering
  • thanks Jen I could learn from you. I'm struggling with mastering since May last year, learning from tutorials and obsessive  hours long trial and error sessions. Before I'd been just a happy musician and then... and then (almost sobbing)... this happened - I've discovered a MASTERING.However about this one bit - you've made the solo guitar too sharp and stabbing again. My last step was adding 2 pressions: broad 1.8kHz on -3bB and narrower 2.25kHz -5dB to make the guitar soft, velvet, saxophone-like. But dampen drums was side effect, you've done wonderful job restoring them. 
  • Hello, very nice !I have 2 questions :Kalder : What means "cover of" in the title ?Jennyrave : How can you do a remix without the bmx ? Is it magic ? Or did you get it by hidden ways ?
  • mastering is a dark art, but it's basically EQ and compression, knowing that info now learn the tutorials. i did the mastering from the mp3.  my chain looks like EQ, muti-band compressor, limiter, dynamic EQ, tape emulation, muti-band compressor, limiter 
  • Hey great remastering. Good song, Klader. Multiband compression is still a book of seven seals for me.