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  • Not really sure what the difference is between "trance" and "progressive trance" is.   I have so much to learn.
  • same here, you want to know what's confusing, acid trance, big room trance, classic trance, dream trance, eurotrance, hands up, goa trance, Ibiza trance, neo trance, nitzhonot, psy trance, tech trance,  uplifting trance, vocal trance, euphoric trance, and progressive trance.
  • the person to ask is lizard, but i think we lost him to money and fame
  • Anyway, what matters is : do I love it or not. I love it! Great melodic and harmonic feel.  I'd like to have more of the hihat of the intro. Good tension/release to lead to the big full sound start.
  • MrDadrox, If your serious about trance music don't worry about the sub genre, just make what sounds good to you.  Let Armin Van Buuren worry about what kind of trance it is. :-P
  • Really good.The way you evolve the song is brilliant.