Photo Shoot

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  • Beatiful piece .
  • it would be nice know if was made partial or whole in jeskola buzz .
  • Yeah I agree,  this one is good!
  • jeskola buzz is my only daw, am running the old build with windows xp, sometime i switch to buzz 64 
  • Thank you for answering. Is it possible to make  the bmx file available (orb mw) file ?
  • mayby the next idm tune i will release the bmx, but for now heres where to find bmx & bmw resource  
  • other resource for tracker music 
  • im looking to learn the pad melody in photoshoot tune . tks
  • In old times theres was a tune in bmw(afx tipe?)  called only " afx.bmx"  but its not in the history buzz archive .I lost this file on my hd   
  • Hah!  It took longer than it should have,  but I found that vocal sample.    
  • did you find ghostface playa?
  • Lil Sko
  • lil sko- killa is the original, i took it from ghostface playa
  • I love that you turned it into a photo shoot.   We've had enough of the other shoot type.