Untitled house (my dog likes it)

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  • Meanwhile...Jenny pumps out another JAM!Seriously....you are the best here at the dance music.
  • What kind of dog?  Just curious.
  • I don't think am the best at dance music here, it's just a bunch of fancy VSTI. I have 2 chihuahuas 
  • I would like to confirm ,that you are really best .I believe that your music could be playing in some Chicago Clubs anytime.. I guess, its playing doesnt! really 
  • Definitley your genre, really perfect. Asking myself how much hiurs you did spent for it.
  • not hours, less then 30 min, I probably made a few hundreds house songs since then, but this is a new song structure.@temporalsound my music is in the clubs and radio/tv and everywhere,  am a ghost writer
  • No title but a lot of Talent!! Love this House
  • I can appreciate your modesty regarding your talent.  But it's not everyone that can take those "fancy VSTi's" and make them churn out good music though.  Not to mention excellent mastering. 
  • @jenny; Oh my god, how productiv! I couldnt do that in 30 days. So your are a ghost musix star Could I hear your music in european radio?
  • Am everywhere, and nowhere,
  • You're at BuzzTunes