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  • I think am the last one to hear about this, https://apu.software/meter/I used this tryed to get it to -10 LUFS
  • Yeah, what a cool jumpy house stuff All is just at the right place,  the bass is killer. Keybord play is funny. Really love it!! I'd like to hear all sounds more separate, I think that your reverb is giving this impression. Anyway 10 of course!!!
  • yeah,great theme.Thanks Jenny for LUFS meter link and bmw file you shared !! I usually try to get my tracks to -14 LUFS. ?What do you think ?
  • -14 luf is what spotify wants  and what everybody on the internet says it should be, I think it just better to go what sounds right to your ears, it all so depends on what genre your doing or if your releasing a album , *examples dubstep vs space, space music is not going to be in your face loud , me personaly I like -10 luf for dance music, and dubstep as loud as I can get it.
  • this song https://www.buzztunes.org/music/jennyrave/its-way-too-loud I tryed to push it loud, it dosen't sound right (distortion) i don't think it was not worth the extra 2dB
  • https://www.buzztunes.org/music/jennyrave/smokin-gasolean I cliped the hel out of it, but sounds ok, I don't get it