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With making cover of this song it all started beginning of May. Intervertebral disc damage, 5 days in hospital (terrific days, lovely days, 11 tablets plus 1 jab of oxycodon per day) and 6 weeks fitnote. Welcome to my world of ageing, pain and disappointment. Plenty of time, clear mind, handful of opioids and muscle relieving tablets - let's play guitar, why not. Till now I've made 8 versions of the Welcome to my world, I've read 2 tutorials about mastering vocals, spent more time tweaking and recording in the last 5 months then in work. I've bought iRig to record vocal and guitar properly, however I've recorded new only vocals, all the rest except for the drums is played on electric guitar and recorded on tablet and my handy (when battery in tablet died). Spontaneous activities... So it's version 8 but for you 2nd. To the next one I'm going to make all tracks new from scratch.
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