Last Days Of Summer - mp3 (original by magmavander)

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Not so many changes,I like this song. Just added some vocal
Thank you Mag
EDIT : I hope ,I didn't destroyed it ,with this vocal ...
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  • Yeah! Cool I like also the choirs in the background. The volume of it is a bit low. 
    A few add but a big add ! Thanks!!
  • Hmm,volume is bit low. Yes I decreased volume a bit down in mix,you are right. I connect before master Ozone 8 and run master assistant.Yes I'm a cheating with this a bit.
    After master assistant:
    I don't know if I am doing this right(?)
    Thanks Mag!
  • Edit: Ozone 8 Elements I got for free on Pluginbutique
  • No problem with the mix, I was speaking about choirs and vocal
  • Oops! I thought whole song sorry
  • Did you remove your last mix of this song ?
  • Yes Mag, i did.
    I've done big failure at the end of song.I converted wrong WAV file (with no cutted the loop) and uploaded it.
    I'm so sorry about this.When I discovered this,it was late..