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Hello and welcome to the BuzzTunes community! This is the place to upload your music projects made in Jeskola Buzz or any other software for critique and intelligent networking between other musicians.

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  • BuzzTunes is back

    BuzzTunes has been yet again moved to a new hosting location. Restored from one of the latest backups, so only four or five tunes were lost (sorry, Magma). Plus two latest podmixes are missing, hope to recover them soon. The site is working from Amsterdam this time, so I hope response time will get shorter and download speed higher :) Stay…   (8 comments)
  • Website accessibility

    Hi all. There have been several accessibility problems with the site for the past two weeks. Electricity supply issues mostly. As you might know, there's a war going on in the East of Ukraine. The city of Donetsk (and that's where the BuzzTunes server is currently located) is expected to be attacked soon. I'm keeping all data safely backed up (just…   (1 comment)
  • BuzzTunes mixed podcast (May 2014)

    Greetings to all of you, buzzers! Long time no mixes on BuzzTunes (really, a very long time) and here's Sjef van Leeuwen with a new mix of community tracks of different genres: Sakura by qfactor (Evenchords), Chillaut by djanc, Neotrance by lizard, Pocketfish by DeeKyoo, Push n Pull by sparschaeler, Skeptical (Xiond vs…
  • SunVox 1.7.4 released

    A new Sunvox 1.7.4 (along with a quickfix 1.7.4b version) is out there. There's a huge list of changes and fixes, too long and pointless to copy/paste here. Get a free copy for your favorite OS at Sunvox website. Submitted by Buzztler

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