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Been on a non-generic synthwave kick lately and have messed around with a few buzz songs along those lines.  This is the latest one I have been playing with but I've kinda reached that point where I am ready to move on.  Thought I'd upload it here and see what you guys thought.

It has a few VST's in it, most notably the Artemis synth that does the lead in the beginning.  There's also a tuner on the crappy vocal track cuz I was trying to correct my terrible headset mic singing a bit, but I gave up.  I apologize if that is a problem.

If you want to check it out, this is the lead synth and this tuner is also used in the bmx as well.
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  • Interesting but needs more work imho. It is a bit raw. Please consider coming back to it lately
  • Oh and thanks to share bmx.
  • Any specific thing you might recommend?  Like if you had to name one thing in particular that needed more attention what would it be?  I suppose I can accept that the entire thing needs help as well as I kinda feel the same way.
  • To me it seems that the sound lacks of stereo space. 
    I mean it's like all instruments are very close. Perhaps you can put all signals in a Mixio mixer and use the stereo field enlargement. Or use a Rymix stereobox/Joachim Venus 2, Kibibu Stereo Tools or any other stereo widening tool.
     Reverb also gives a lot of breath (like in the second part of the song) and chorus can "smooth" some sounds. But I dont know what YOU wanted as sound so I may be wrong I cant check your bmx because I dont have the vst you used. 
  • Thanks for the tips Mag.  I tried to put some care into stereo separation, but I'll have a go at widening and separating things more.

    I wasn't aware that you can't load the bmx at all without the VST, I thought it would still load but complain and that track just would be dead.  If it helps, this is the lead synth VST I used.  The other VST in the file is a popular free in-line tuner called GTune, although I should have just removed that one from the bmx.
  • Oh I didnt mean I cant  open bmx but if I open it I will not have the sound you choosed (I know I can replace a vst by another one). I will try to find some time to download the vst and listen to your bmx
  • Good Work

    Perhaps a lot is done with some EQlizing. I would try some more highs and a bit more distinct frequency profiles ...
    I use odten free CS12 vst.