Dreams of Cyberia Land

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One more dream and one more story from mysterious Cyberia Land....
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This work is released under Creative Commons
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  • Who thinks that Buzz is not suited for commercial quality production?
    This is completly nonsense! Check this tune, it was made in best program "Buzz Digital Composer"!
  • Great stuff! Neat, clear, dynamic. Can you describe the setup you used for this one?

    Thanks for sharing and please upload more.
    Автор, пиши ещё, другими словами.
  • I agree with shytan. Im not listening very loud and everything is distinguishable. I'd be curious as to what machines you used.

    This is on my short list for the podcast.
  • native synts:
    FSM infector, FSM Kick, 303Real
    vst synts:
    u-he zebra, nexus
  • Izotope Ozone do nothing, i just check signal spectrum using this plug
  • Thanks. Wanted to ask for a BMX, but considering you're using one of the latest Buzz builds (judging by the screenshot) and I'm stuck on 1.2 beta, probably it won't even open on my box.
  • Yes, i am using latest buzz builds. Seems them have some features which are critical for me.
    I have never seen bug free build seems from version of buzz