Enemy Mind

Release date: 2012-06-18
Author: Xaphoid
Genre: Trance

Enter the Nexus 

File size: 8.6 MB
Format: Compressed audio (OGG/MP3)
Downloaded / played: 341 times
Comments: 2
Rating: 8.5 [2]

Attribution Non-commercial (by-nc) This work is released under Creative Commons
Attribution Non-commercial (by-nc)

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  • AniCator

    2012-06-18 23:17
    Sounds great. I wish you didn't use this type of kick in the track though because it kind of ruins the track in my opinion but I've been listening to this right after I made a Chillout track so I might just not be in the mood right now.
  • jmph

    2012-06-19 02:06
    I like this one. Nice dark~ish intro but has a good clean & modern sound to it. A lot of trance is way too over-the-top but this hasn't fallen into that trap at all. Good job!

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