Minor update: added the "collab with" field to the tunes being uploaded

Hi everyone! Here's a small addition to the BuzzTunes interface. When uploading a new file or editing an existing submission, select a user to mark as collaborator on the song.

Submitted by Ottimista


  • Very good idea!
  • I dont know how, but a sort of "update tune", e g. for a minor changes/remixes or so would be nice. You could remain the the hole song history  that way. Perhaps marking the song with an updateflag and move it upwards in the music list? Thanx
  • 1) Can you please switch to https. Most browsers now give out a warning if a login connection isn't secure.

    2) I noticed the website doesn't like emojis. I wrote a comment and it got cut off where the emoji would be. After posting the same comment again without emoji, I noticed there's no possibility to delete/edit our comments. Can you add such a function?
  • Admin
    1) Yes, I've been thinking about hooking up Let's Encrypt. Will do shortly.

    2) Comments editing is something I keep postponing About emojis, well, there is a basic set here.