Release date: 2012-08-12
Author: Xaphoid
Genre: New Age

I have awakened from the delusions that have controlled my life.  This is the sounds of freedom and of the pain of lies.  I wish to dedicate this song to those that long for a better day when Truth reins supreme and peace is mankinds way.  

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Rating: 9.3 [4]

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Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa)

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  • Shytan

    2012-08-12 11:56
    Wow! Great thing you have returned. And with a great tune!! Glad you've left the past in the past and are back to making good music. 
  • Buzztler

    2012-08-14 15:53
    Cool synth-track indeed ... somehow deep and mysterious ... and ... at the sametime fresh and bright ...
  • vacuum

    2012-08-18 08:21
    great spacious synths. very relaxing.
  • BHS

    2012-10-04 12:06

    Absolutely Cool !!
    Very good sounds and a suggestive atmosphere here; there is also a fantastic use of suspended chords and melody that continuosly creates a sort of alternating between tension and relax.
    Bravo !!

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