About BuzzTunes

Welcome, newcomers, to the BuzzTunes community!

Jeskola Buzz was one of the first modular trackers to come out with the ability not only to create sounds, but also to merge traditional tracker functionality coupled with a clever sequencer. It has been in development much longer than many popular electronic based studios such as Renoise, Fruity Loops and Reason, to name a few. With practice and clever creative skill anything can be done with Buzz.

BuzzTunes.org is your place to upload your amateur or professional music projects for critique or intelligent networking between other computer based musicians. You can post the mastered OGG or MP3 renders of your tunes, or you can share the BMX sources, it’s all up to you. In fact you’re not even restricted to the formats mentioned above, music is all that matters.

Be kind to newer users and offer helpful hints and suggestions for optimum artistic growth — we are all learning. And that’s why this site is no place for pure self-promotion or elitism. It is about learning to write good music together as a community.

If you have any problems, questions, suggestions or bugs to report, please feel free to contact the website admin at any time.