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Jeskola Buzz chatroom on Discord

Hi, everyone!Almark Thaolen, a Buzz artist and creator of the label Weatnu, started a Discord chatroom called Jeskola Buzz. Here is the link:


Let's Encrypt SSL certificates   (2 comments)

Hello, everyone! Just added SSL certificates support from Let's Encrypt to the site. Should have done it long ago :) Peace!


Happy New Year, buzzers!   (1 comment)

The year 2018 is coming and I wish you all joy, happiness, new crazy ideas (musical, first of all :) ) and integrity in your lives. Peace to you and your families!


Minor update: added the "collab with" field to the tunes being uploaded   (7 comments)

Hi everyone! Here's a small addition to the BuzzTunes interface. When uploading a new file or editing an existing submission, select a user to mark as collaborator on the song.


BuzzTunes mixed podcast (December 2016)

Hello, buzzers! The new mixed podcast is out. Thanks go to Sjef for compiling and mixing. No particular genre selection this time, just the latest good stuff from our resource: One minute of noise by ecslist The Deep Blue Sea by Sjef van Leeuwen Native Spirits by Xaphoid Demo2016 by djsanc Badman (instrumental mix) by solshadda Space…


Auto play for tune pages   (1 comment)

Hi everyone! A really very tiny addition this time and questionably useful as well :) In short: if you ever decide to share a link to a track released on BuzzTunes, just append ?play=auto to the track's page URL and the player will launch automatically after the page has been loaded.


Major updates on   (16 comments)

Hello everyone! has been updated to a new Laravel engine. Good bye, the good old CodeIgniter, you have served us well all these years :) Although the website looks pretty much the same, the core has been totally rewritten. Here are the most noticeable changes that appeared upon refactoring: new online player (will continue playing tunes…


BuzzTunes mixed podcast (December 2015 — Special Winter Solstice mix)   (5 comments)

​In this Special Winter Solstice mix we start out nice and slow and build to a heart racing bpm of 138 at the very end. We journey through the soundscapes of ambient, chillout, pop, electro, trance, and psychedelic techno trance. Aiwendil (Anders Enger Jensen) is featured heavily on this podcast. We value his contributions to our small community…


BuzzTunes mixed podcast (December 2015)   (2 comments)

Greetings, everyone! Xaphoid speaking. This mix is for Jenny Rave. She has been sealed into the buzzmusic canon. She can't erase this! :) Here's the list: I like it (featuring Stephanie Key) by Xaphoid & Sjef Catacomb Funk by JennyRaveSummer Wind by djsanc Be Funky by JennyRave Catacomb Funk (Sjef mix) by JennyRave & Sjef Biohazard by djsanc…


Small changes on the site   (11 comments)

Hi all! The site has been relocated again. More server features and more disk space available now :) Nothing has changed beyond that. Ah yes, OpenMPT files format has been added to the list of supported formats. And, as usual, if you spot any bug, please let me know. Peace!