Buzz-related resources

  • — latest releases of Buzz, an archive of older builds, developer stuff and much more.
  • Buzz forums — the new community forum. A lot of information on how to use Buzz is yet to be added there :)
  • Buzz plug-ins ( — the main buzz machines repository (while is offline).
  • BuzzWiki — the wiki pages for Buzz. Care to contribute?
  • Neil Modular Tracker — an open source application for making music on Linux, very similar to Buzz, forked off Aldrin project.

Other tracker-related resources

  • MODPlug Central — the website hosting Modplug Tracker (as well as OpenMPT version of it).
  • ModArchive — the biggest and the oldest storage of music in oldsk00l tracker formats.
  • SceneSat Radio — the best tracked music from every corner of the scene and related stuff.
  • — electronic music releases, live shows, articles on various DIY gizmos and synthesizers.
  • — a shareware multi-platform music tracker software. Designed to feel like old trackers, yet very powerful inside.
  • — the project page of SunVox, a multi-platform modular music creation studio, very similar to Buzz.