Mixed podcasts

December 2016: Winter mix December 2016: Winter mix

Hi everyone! Long time no mixes, but here's one for you at the end of year 2016. Various genres by BuzzTunes best residents. Featuring MirOn, Sjef, Jenny, Solshadda, Synthirius, Xaphoid and many others. Enjoy!

December 2015: Special Winter Solstice mix December 2015: Special Winter Solstice mix

In this Special Winter Solstice mix we start out nice and slow and build to a heart racing bpm of 138 at the very end. We journey through the soundscapes of ambient, chillout, pop, electro, trance, and psychedelic techno trance. Aiwendil (Anders Enger Jensen) is featured heavily on this mix. We value his contributions to our small community and hope that he releases more soon.

December 2015: house December 2015: house

This mix is for Jenny Rave. She has been sealed into the buzzmusic canon. Featuring solshadda, Xaphoid, djsanc, sparschaeler, Sjef, DeeKyoo, Nyje and, of course, Jenny. Genre is house, mostly.

January 2015: house January 2015: house

Here's another fresh New Year 2015 house mix featuring exclusive tracks from Wayfinder. He is the former webmaster of the legendary Buzzchurch website, now in the annals of history. Thanks go to him for his contributions to the scene. Wayfinder is featured on this podcast with his express permission with some of his 2013 soundcloud releases. We start at 120 and end in the 130's bpm ranging from trippy acidic house to progressive and club trance.

December 2014: downtempo December 2014: downtempo

Warmest greetings to all you buzzers out there! The year 2014 is coming to its end. Hope the next one will be happier and more peaceful... In the meantime, here's a new downtempo mix for you. Big thanks go to Xaphoid.

May 2014: A journey through our collective consciousness May 2014: A journey through our collective consciousness

Long time no mixes on BuzzTunes (really, a very long time) and here's Sjef van Leeuwen with a new mix of community tracks of different genres featuring qfactor, djanc, Xiond, iNG and many other good people.

November 2012: electronica & chillout November 2012: electronica & chillout

After a long break, here's a new mixed podcast for you. This time the mix genre is electronica/chillout (the old-time favorites) featuring AniCator, Kalder, Conelrad, thOke and many others.

January 2012: ambient January 2012: ambient

Greetings to all! Shytan's speaking. This time I am the one doing the mixed podcast, not Mr. Xaphoid In fact it's my first attempt to... mix several tracks down so that they go together well and I tried to do my best (and yes, a lot of titles are by me and Louigi Verona here :)

October/November 2011: electronica October/November 2011: electronica

This time you're in for a funky treat. We've inlcuded many genres from techno, breakbeat and laserdance to 80's revival, trance and house. Lots of Hamst3r stuff in the mix. Go get his monstrous rar package of his old but awesome tracks.

September 2011: trance & house September 2011: trance & house

A new mixed podcast on BuzzTunes featuring trance and house tracks from Lizard, Wayfinder, Deekyoo, 2ka, Sjef Van Leeuwen and Xaphoid.

June 2011: chillout & ambient June 2011: chillout & ambient

And again there's Xaphoid with a new set of buzz tunes in a regular monthly mixed podcast. This time it's about electronica, ambient & chillout stuff. Among featured artists: BHS, Serg, Shytan from BuzzTunes and some people from Traxinspace as well.

May 2011: chillout May 2011: chillout

Here's the second mix for your enjoyment. Chillout tracks this time. Featuring Xaphoid, Hamster Alliance, Vaisnava, Schröder and many others.

March 2011: trance March 2011: trance

A new section has been added to the site. Click on the "Mixes" menu link to download/listen. Currently there are two types of podcasts available: a static downloadable mix by Xaphoid and a daily podcast (basically an RSS-feed) where tunes will be grouped by genre.