Biased Feelings

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The Story
A simple cartoon character is working on a project.

The Music
Old video game sounds mixed with modern synthesizers and drums. I was also testing with a technique in which you don't center the instruments but simply keep them panned to one side.

The Genre
Ambient. Why? It is part of various genres and I just couldn't pick one. It is 8-bit styled music mixed with ambient synthesizers and pop break drums.

Constructive comments are appreciated. Thanks for listening.
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This work is released under Creative Commons
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  • -mic-
    right u perfectly emulated the sid-sounds (sid=sound-chip of C64) but i dont hear the "modern synthesizers and drums." i love the gr8 C64-sound (go away sample-amiga) but (!) nothing i can hear too often try a great melody with thoase sounds maybe... erm... pirates of the carribean or so :oD -drunk- sorry
  • Haha. Thanks for your comment, I've been working on another 8-bit track. I didn't actually emulate those sounds. It is a very simple VSTi. And it is a really cool one. Features a long list of C64 instruments and more. One of the background instruments in String Theory 1.5 which is a modern synthesizer. The drums you hear are DRFusion2 which is using samples. I'll be uploading a new track within a few days. - AniCator