Biohazard 0.5 (working title)

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Let's say about 50% of this track is placeholder content.
I still wanted to export the track in it's current state though.
Making tracks sound epic is difficult.
I picked Crossover as the genre because it sounded fairly logical.

I guess you could call it a typical AniCator track in which I once again try to successfully mix both classical and electronic music.

Currently the track is kind of stalling but I'm working on it. I'm going to start working on a new section tomorrow hopefully and I will probably speed-up the build-up. Currently it's building up rather slowly because it makes it easier to pick patterns taking it slow.. naah.. bad excuse..


for the record: no loops used
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  • Interesting ! Due to your tune, AniCator, I learned about crossover genre (thanks to wikipedia !). Groovy drums you made here (retrig on snare is cool!), and I like when electric piano and bass starts playing . In my opinion, it would be great to add some filter on snare in intro and reverb it a little. Or maybe just use another sample?
  • I'm planning on adding a third section, that one will hopefully make you remember all those awesome adventure games and movies.
    I will reconstruct most of the track when I've got most of it done.
    I guess it sort of becomes a track that consists of 3 acts? I don't know if that word is even used in the music industry.

    I'm glad the drums worked out so well. Lately I've been experimenting more with creating my own breakbeat/DnB drumloops and it's actually very easy. Why didn't I do it before!? :p

    Anyways, thanks for your comment. Keep an eye out for the final version.
  • Sounds promising, man!
  • A little correction - I meant not the snare, but hihats in my 1st comment.
  • Mixing this track is a whole lot of work. I get your point. The track is now starting to become so big that I have a really hard time managing all the instruments and making them all sound good. Currently the mids are producing a lot of resonating sounds.
  • Its not my point . Admin has dared to change my comment . Without any permission from me.
  • Naughty naughty Shytan.
  • Admin
    Oops, sorry. Only meant to correct an error there
  • Many ideas about music are presented in this track...
    What seems old-fashioned becomes the new style.