Desert Ambience

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From the directory of old tracks that were either never uploaded or lost after BuzzMusic went down for a while.
Note: These tracks are not mixed too well since I didn't know anything about proper mixing back then.
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3.9 MB
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This work is released under Creative Commons
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  • mmmmh. why is it so short :-l

    anyway its interesting, me like. reminds me of our hubraum chapter 1 ambient. just sooo short, make it 4-5 minutes and it will go to my ambient directory

  • It's an old track. I don't have the source files of it any more.
  • thats a pity. i have once lost a big bunch of music files too, but that was before 2000, so i have like every single .bmx i ever made since that date. the only problem is that my new buzz doesnt eat all of the old bmxes and / or machines, errrm and the old buzz has alot of issues too now after installing the new one :-l

    much offtopic yes yes.... sooo - good song, i actually like much of your recently uploaded "old" works. 

  • Thanks.
  • That's my kind of music. Ambient tracks may sound simple enough, formless, even primitive, but, hey, try constructing one! IMO you have succeeded here.

  • Woop!
    You may also want to listen to 'scary test' then. Little less ambient but it's got the same vibes imo. Less peaceful though. XD As intended.
  • > You may also want to listen to 'scary test' then.
    Yep, a nice piece of music it is too, but the mid frequencies are up the eq by too far, imho. Adds scariness though
  • excellent track. just listened to it on a loop for 3 hours while writing and reading, and never found myself wanting for a change. good show!