Frontal Lobe (fixed)

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Got rid of the clipping issues that you may or may not have heard in the original.
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  • Can listen to a melodie like this one over and over. Definitely a success on the melodic part. I would work on the arrangement side (if I had skills like yours ) and make it less noisy cause thats the impression I get. 8 of10 from Inke and my warmest regards, Anicator.
  • I'm assuming that by noise you're mainly referring to the resonating parts of the track. I only fixed the clipping issues the track had but I haven't changed the instruments themselves because they kinda grew on me in this track.

    I often just abandon old tracks. Sometimes I patch the old ones up or I feel inspired to finish it all of a sudden ('Mining Blocks' is one of those cases). :p

    So yeah. Glad you like most of it.
  • Yes, exactly the resonating parts. For me what matters is the melodic part. So don't mind me complaining Great work all the same.
  • I agree about melodies and musical work here, very good. I enjoyed that too. But yes, the resonance is also a bit too high for my taste.