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Hello Buzzworld ... Electronica or EBM or EDM with some techno-elements, who knows?

here's some info (for the gentle reader and listener) 'bout the gear I used to create the track. Buzz 1499 and latest VST(i)-Loader by Xlutop. Good old Oatmeal by something (38's build, with a skin by Limeflavour and some presets I have slightly modified, originally by "klangmanipulation").
The drums are a mix of selfmade "creations", buzz-generators and VSTi with some buzzeffects. Most of the "special" sounds and the "female" sounding-ahh are done by ART-Pyrite_Free a VSTi by Artvera and long chaines of buzzeffects.
The maschine-vocals have been created with the speech-engine of the amazing "farbrausch V2", (a great game that you coded guys).
The final mix has also been done in Buzz 1499. I just had to use audacity and "mp3directcut" for the creation of the mp3-file. Btw. is there a way to record directly to mp3-format in the NewBuzz? I'll ask that in the forum jeskola dot net!
The blue-skinned instrument on the screenshot I included in the mp3 performs the small melody-line ... A track I wanted to do since my first attempts in Buzz ...
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  • yes, somehow reminiscent of industrial electronic music from the early eighties with some more contemporary  techno touch. nice!
  • Even the title looks Kraftwerk inspired.
    Kind of wish there wasn't so much reverb going on though.