Sitting In The Darkness

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Actually this track is more Psychedelic Rock than Gothic ... but Psychedelic isn't in the Genre-field ... so, ehm ... anyway ...
I completely recorded this one in the new buzz (still running an older bulit) with some psidrum included ... still a great plugin, even if sometimes the bmx-doesn't open ...
This time I checked a new mic ... nearly five times more expensive than the last one (from 2 € to 9 € ) ... it worked quite well (imo)... it is originally built to work for "karaoke-purposes" ... so enjoy ...
Greetings to all the buzzers out there and especially The Hamsteralliance based In the US with a similar named hompage and Nephtali, a Paris (France) based riddim-maker ... checkout his bandcamp-page, some definately gret stuff there, further greetings to the members of the buzzmachines-group on soundcloud ... and to Oskari ... thank you for reworking buzz ...
Btw ... what about a new Podcast ... is radio svitzlin still alive?! I like moderated pods, even if I do not understand every moderation ...
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  • Great bass there Dark energy pulsing.
  • nice! layering guitars on top of each other for some dark repetitive atmosphere
  • @ Shytan: Thank you ... if you like the bass it has to be good somehow ...

    @ sparschaeler: thank you for mentioning the "delayed guitars" they are recorded in three takes alltogether, so they fit together somehow ...
  • Excellent dark song. You are the singer ? What a great voice!  A pity sometimes the guitars cover it too much. But well, these guitars are awesome, same for the bass. I would just correct a bit the reverb (and eq). Your voice is missing in the second part. 10.

  • this reminds me of the 80s dark wave area. i can't recall the band.
    not joy division, but something in  that mood. good !
  • @ mag and thoke: thank you very much for your kind words and the vote ... Yes, it is my voice you hear (and glad you like it), vocal- recording was done late at night (without a dictionary , so you know why my voice misses the second part ) and the new mic worked so well I didn't need to give much pressure to the vocals ... ehm, and Mag you are right with your remarks on the mix. Furthermore the left guitar could be a "tat" more present ... btw I used ldmixer and jlimiter before the master(!) Take care ...