The Strange Delta-House On Planet Venus

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I cannot believe it myself, but I did my first house-track for BuzzTunes. I used Wikipedia for the knowledge 'bout "House"-music ... I did some sort of Shuffle-Beat which is not so easy to do in Buzztracker (imo) ... the female vocal snippet is a reworked sample by musicradar ... I didn't find a hint on the female singer ... so it is anonymous but nice ... In the midpart the track sounds also a bit like trance ... anyway I had a lot of fun doing it ...
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  • Hey first-timer, your house is very fun You've done a good job, I like the keyboard chords, they add a lot. You're near being the King of the DanceFloor
  • Wow, thank you mag, glad you like it ... 'bout the piano chords ... I've created them within Chahur's chord generator (Implemented in his fine patternxp-mod) ... ehm, there's a lot of people here on buzztunes who could be titled "King of the DanceFloor" or "Queen of the DanceFloor" U2 ... ... where is your next hip-shaker on buzztunes ...?
  • At the moment I am more playing with my leap motion and Buzz ( ). Didnt write nothing since a long time...