Buddha Char (final)

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Progressive House
Thank you for your kind feedback, the full track is here
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  • Yes man, I like it. Cool overall sound, even if it might slightly clip on some equipment - it sounds very, very good - and that's most important. Don't ask me if this is "progressive house", others can say this much better . I like the "radaldadadle"-drums especially in the extended version. The voice samples are fine too and imo better placed now I enjoyed this "huuiiiiiii"-sound can you please tell the community what you used for that thingy? thx (like it a lot, but didn't vote this time, convinced others will do )
  • Funky! I actually didn't like it first. But now I do. Don't know why I changed my mind, but hey... overall it has a good arrangement. Well, here and there are some parts which are a little bit chaotic, where the instrument aren't fitting togehter perfectly, but still it's a strong track! (btw: I just would call it house)
  • Flos
    Hi buzztler First of all glad that I satisfied your ears The 'huiii' sound? If I have understood what you mean ... unfortunately it comes from a (commercial) vst (vanguard) but it's really pretty easy to do just by using a pitch envelope, and there aren't esoteric waveforms in. Anyway if you want the preset I can send to you or to anyone who's interested... I have not much secrets Thanks alot!
  • Flos
    Oh thank you lizard ... my 'music' still tends to be a bit chaotic (like me in real life, I admit ). Thanks for listening!
  • I like Very 90's elements in the mix, like the bongo rolls reminds me of some "Deconstruction/ dc" or "Vicious Vynil" records. Awesome presentation of the stab fx, they kind of come at you and fit nicely with the style. The Kick could be a little more forward to distinguish between Bassline, just a little more compression to tighten up the mix all round. Love the guitar-ish riff. Will look forward to more of your tracks.
  • BHS
    Ciao Flos, really good this track, the sound quality is very high and the caotic parts are no so heavy like other your tracks, but in this case they put a nice taste. Very very well. P.S. come va la vita a Rovigo?
  • Flos
    Ciao Paolo, a Rovigo la vita scorre tranquillamente immersa nella nebbia... stanno facendo la grande opera di ristrutturazione del Corso, col risultato che il centro è tutto chiuso per lavori. Adesso vado su e giù da Padova in treno, per lavoro, e così ogni tanto mi metto col portatile e gli auricolari a smanettare Non ricordo più se sei di Venexia o di Mestre... come butta lì?
  • MixxxAd
    A nice track with some very high quality material in.
  • BHS
    @ Flos: scusa Flos non avevo visto la tua domanda. Io lavoro a Mestre ma abito in periferia a circa 15 Km da Mestre, il mio paese è Scorze'.
  • Oh yeah! Very EPIC! One of your best track for my taste. Wonderful arrangements. Superb
  • Flos
    thank you all
  • Buzztler
    O.k., man, I thought you did the huiii sound with buzzmachine only, that's why I asked. I know the vanguard-synth. Anyway it wasn't the sound alone it's this swelling (?) envelope effect, that's why I got interested in this one. It sounds pretty good. Nonetheless thanks for answering my question(s) and best wishes, thumbs up!
  • Flos
    Buzztler, consider that there are also lfos that act on the wavs too I like the vanguard because it's perfect for 'lazy synth programming' Hoping to hear new riffs from you, very soon