Lounge in sib min

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Not the coolest title for a song, probably

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  • [anonymous]
    cool and jazzy mood in here ... mag should do a rmx ...
  • Don't think I would have picked it out of a line-up as being a flos piece, but I like it. Liked it under headphones, liked it better out in the open where those juicy bass frequencies can really breathe. Cheerful themes, too!
  • flos
    Hey good hint, mort... this was mixed with headphones. That confirms me that some producers complaining that mixing with headphones is troublesome are actually quite wrong. IMHO it's not a matter of medium but a matter of ear training with that medium, even though using studio monitor would make life easier.
  • mag
    Ahhh long time I havn't listened to flos music Always this great sounding, so clear. Beautiful theme, the piano is superb. I like how the song alternate simple and structured parts with more "free" ones. Ciao bambino
  • flos
    Thank you mag, glad that you like it! Now I'm going to drive my Ferrari, broumm broumm!!! Ahahahah! Ciaooo