Christmas 2018

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Hi folks,

not a typical Christmas song - but: merry Christmas for you all !

Hope the mixing/mastering is better now (all done in Buzz   see below)
Unfortunately no genre "I don't know"

EDIT: PS: I am still not pleased with the mxing/mastering   Well, I carry on .. need real studio monitors ..
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  • Hey Mr. Fornit the Mix is amazing (imo) ... as you described it has been done completely in Buzz. Cool voice samplesS Only some hihat-hits I personally would place somewhere else the restRis very,very fine stuff ...
  • Hey Buzztler, thank you for your reply. OK seems I'm on the right way, thanx.

    Yes, drums are still hard for me. I am still working at this song. Yes the hihat hits. I check it out.

    The lights are still on

  • that sounds cool
  • I agree, this is a good song with an interesting feel. The sound have quality and presence. Great work 10
  • Thank you all!
    for the feedback.