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HerrFornit & Temporalsounds
Hi, Temporalsounds, hi magmavander,

I give it a try. Thanx for that great themes. Took the original from temporalsounds.
Added some free VSTs in my style. Sorry If you have to download.
As magamvander, I replaced the drums (here MT-Powerdrumkit). In addition, further processing/mixing and the downscaling of the great INFECTOR-patterns for one octave. Also some variation in bassline. Ah,and just a sample

EDIT: the free VSTs

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  • Very nice version.Love it.Nice drums,good surrounding,and applause hehe,good idea.
    About that Voidbass: 
    like you says and Mag,I listened it again and focused to Void,you are right about difficult to EQ,sounds a little confused there.Tried to remove,but then missing a bit.I just remember, I think tried to EQ too along at that time,then after hours I took ibuprofen and leave it...
  • thanx,
    ha ha, yes EQ can sometime be a real pain.
    I have just tried to saturate/harmonize the voidbass, because its frequency band is very narrow. Perhaps I trie it in the next version ....
    I also tried voidbass II but it did not work (no sound?)
  • voidbass II works, you need to set the preset.   but no gently sine, only, saw or pulse.
  • Cool Very different remix and that's good! I like the new drums and the reverb on it. 
    I think we can replace the voidbass by another synth, a lot of buzz synths can achieve a good synthbass sound (Infector by example).

    PS : unfortunately I dont have the VST you used so I cant load the bmx. I have to search in my old hard disks to find them (At least I have power drumkit somewhere).
  • thanx,
    yes INFECTOR could be the alternative. Do you have a similar preset for it?

    I edited the text (s. above). Now you can find there the links to the free VSTs if, you want.

  • Thanks HF, I will check it