I feel like a bird 2020 (original by magmavander)

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Hey! ok, I didn't achieve the 3:00 minutes, maybe another one? So it's just a moderately extended remix. I changed the "chorps"-effect of the noizz, so it sounds now more like a frog and some more ....
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  • Cool frog sound Your version is warmer than mine. Good bass line adds. I like the new sounds used here.If you want someone to remix you should post your bmx THANK YOU!!
  • Hey mag, nice that you like it. Have done some EQ and compression, perhaps that's why it sounds warmer. Reduced the overdrive in levels, too. Well, perhaps I am bit ambivalent to upload the bmx because I used VSTs, often the melda EQs and I dont have a good order  in it (VST3 or VST2 and so on..., I have to tidy up my PC one day). But anyway, nothing bad can happen and upload the bmx
  • Cool You can give the list of the vst used here. If they are free people will be able to use it. If they are not free... 
  • I tried to copy the hyperlinks of the VSTs into the textfield of the bmx, but it didn't work properly. Don't know why, but you can copy the links from there. All are free to download.
  • Like i!I am forwarding to look at bmx soon..and VSTs..