Let's be heavy!

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Hi, I tried out the shred amp in an short song .  Recycled my voice samples, sorry. ;-)

Would like to have it bit more aggressive, well, I dont know :rolleyes
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  • O.k. Sounds like an Old Sabbath work somehow. If you want to make it more aggressive or let's Vetter say harder you should follow the Evolution of Metal.
    Perhaps Double the guitars, but be careful and watch the phases in this case.
    30 percent in Metal are the drums (imo), so have alook at good Metal Drummers, try Out triplets or so Hammer more on the bass-drum.
    Try Out a faster Beat. Bring in some Bass, but be careful again with the frequencies.
    Push the knobs to the right and try to eq the guitars. 
    Have a Look at Metal tutorials on the Web. Metal is totally different. A Lot of rules which are correct for All other Genres are not correct for Metal.
    Put some compression on guitars, Bass, drums.
    Finally, take a master parametric-eq on the final track, take a low bandwith on it and have a Look for disturbing frequencies, lower them.
    Use a final Limiter.
    These are my tips for you. I personally had to learn a Lot by myself and some "try and Error". Still there are Tracks I Cannot mix to my needs.
    So Most important have Fun and don't give up.

  • oh man, thanx a lot for your detailed comment!
    Yes, I like  Black Sabbath.

    I just listened to a few of your 2009/10 metal songs, great. The guitar is so fat! Unfortunately my buzz crashes when loading your bmx (theOke The Deaf...).

    I probably have to google a while. Compressor and limiter have not been my friends so far. At least the build in compressor of MT-drum kit worked a bit so far.

    Yes, drums are really important for metal-atmo. Its hard for me to program a good drum.

    Anyway, the journey is the reward!

  • "Unfortunately my buzz crashes when loading your bmx (theOke The Deaf...)."

    Did you check the errormessage by Buzz? I mean the sentence that appears in the lower left corner of Buzz?
    Sometimes you have a generator or effect in the wrong folder and this can keep Buzz from loading another machine in the same folder. I found some misplaced machines after years!
  • ok, loaded it 4times. no consistent crashes while loading machine xy.

    After the 4th trial, the setup appeared and the lower left message was about the bygio filter.dll. The path is my user folder where your song is placed. Then crashed. After the 5th trail setup appeared, no crash, but no patterns! Searching bygio machine then crash.

    My buzz has its own will !