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I am used to name songs by the instrument I played with first. It has longer intro but still a comfortable length of 3.26. It is a headphone mix again, I still have no direct access to my hifi device, so low freqs are perhaps to strong.
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  • I like it.Bass is OK with my system.Kick is OK.That higher bass note is a bit louder on my RFT speakers.Reminds me some expedition music soundtrack.I can imagine your track during fighting with Boss in some game ..It just reminds me my  favorite game: R-Type https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WapdH4lwPw I did not know about new versions,wow.Thank you
  • thank you for feeback about the bass. Yes, the higher bass note is at 60, lower at 50 as I remember. Perhaps it is the wrong accent. . R-Type remembers be a bit to Hybris, a great 2D shooter of the Amiga. I played it often. I hardly do not play games these days. The only one I played the last years was Tribes Ascend (free). But it seems the servers are down now
  • Oh, awesome! Sounds very good, no problem. To be picky, maybe the bassline shares same freqs with the kick ?  Or gives muddyness to the whole sound ? Happy and epic music
  • Hey mag, ah - yep, have to tidy up the freqs probably more precisely. Thank you for this hint! I have a look ....