[CSC] Exhibiting Sines of Madness

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Short trance tune for the Chinese New Year Sine Contest. I'm quite happy with how it turned out especially given the limitations of the compo!

This started life as an ambient / chill track. The original file where I was playing around creating instruments had the tempo set at 99 BPM(!), which would have been the downtempo-iest thing I've ever written. But then I stumbled onto *that bass* and had to bump it back up just a little. It was around that point that the title popped into my head too. I guess it's still a bit ambient.

As per the compo parameters, every sound you hear in this piece is derived from a sampled 440 Hz sine wave. Yes, even the square wave is a sine wave. I'll leave figuring that out as an exercise for you, the listener. (Or you can cheat and look at my Sunvox file. It's full of really cheap hacks. )

I learned something new while making this track: I hate, *hate*  working with pure sinewaves! They're really thin, have no punch, and cause all sorts of destructive interference & frequency clash 'beats' if you use them wrong! I hope I did a good job with them here.
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  • Wow! Very creative set of sounds, magicaly done with just a sine, is it a sin ?  
    Thanks a zillion!