Free Motion Machine

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This song took 3rd in the Flashback 2014 tracked music compo and I'm pretty damn pleased with that because I was up against some INTENSE competition! Written mostly (probably 80%) with REAL Impulse Tracker under REAL DOS on REAL HARDWARE. No virtual machines or emulators! I made my samples on a Roland S-760 hardware sampler & exported them to waves that IT can use. Trivia: the kick drum you hear is actually two layered kicks - one I created on my Roland MC-202 (WTF?) and the other from a 'real' drum machine - from the Soviet Union.

Flashback had a 2MB limit for the compo so I had to WAY reduce the quality of my 303 patterns to fit it in - to 8 bit, 12 kHz! This is the full quality 'non-compo' version.

Tools used in the creation of this tune:

Impulse Tracker 2.14 patch 5 (DOS)
SOX 12.18.2 (DOS)
SamplEd 1.52 (DOS)
FreeDOS 1.1 (DOS)
Pentium 233MMX (DOS)
Soundblaster AWE64
Gravis Ultrasound PnP
Gameport MIDI adapter
Roland S-760 - creator of the samples
iomega zip drives - three of them, for crap's sake
Roland MC-202 - kicked the drums & dropped the bass
Reliable x0xb0x - brought out the ACIEEEED

Wavosaur (not DOS but totally bitching prog - under WINE)
And a bit of Schism Tracker (on my laptop, while travelling)

"Advanced" Impulse Tracker tricks used:

[x] Tempo 'swing' (A05A07A05A07A...)
[x] NNAs & virtual channels
[x] Pitch, volume & panning envelopes
[x] MIDI instruments
[x] Resonant filters
[x] Volume column effects
[x] Volume column pans
[x] Fake side-chain compression
[x] Simultaneous MIDI & sample playback w/filters (AWE64 only!)

Try that in Protracker 2.3D!

Remixing, chopping, and sample ripping are encouraged - send me what you make if you do!

Hope you enjoy it!
Impulse Tracker module (IT)
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  • mp3 render is available here:
  • Gee thanks for submitting an IT module.  Not too often we see this kinda vintage tools used anymore. 
  • Very cool track.  This must have been frustrating making this with all those old tools :P you have my respect. 
  • Thanks! I don't find working with IT/DOS tools frustrating at all - it's really intuitive and helps my creativity flow. That's why I do it. But I would kill for a better DOS sample editor.

    Endless fighting with clunky mouse-driven OSX interfaces or the three-headed demon of ALSA/JACK/PulseAudio before I can even open a tracker and start writing - *that* is frustrating!