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After a recent clothes buying spree, I have acquired quite a few hoodies - so I figured I'd better start making some DnB. This is probably gonna be the first of a few...

This track took 3rd in the Oldschool Music Compo @ Solskogen 2014! Party version - all samples crunched to 8-bit to meet a 1MB size limit - the final XM was only 4406 bytes under! I may not do a "HQ" version as I don't think it's lost anything - the extra rawness & grit fits the tone of the song just fine.

The first minute or so dates from 2006, but then it stalled, and didn't really add anything until July 2014. Was it 8 years in the making? Well, not really... Most of it was done in the week before Solskogen and I was rushing to get it in the compo. No complaints about how it turned out though!  

Incidentally, yes, all the wubwubwub is from 2006. It was fresh back then!  

Written in the awesome DigiTrakker 3.2 by Prodatron/nFactor (from 1996)! How did such an amazing tracker get so overlooked? Working in XM was a pain though; look at what I had to do to get the echo tracks right in the first patterns! Expect some MDL releases from me sometime? (MIDI parts were done in Impulse Tracker because sadly DT lacks MIDI-out.)

Hardware used: P233 (DOS/GUS/AWE64), MC-202, Microkorg, S-760, and the real star of the show, an MXR Distortion+ pedal. Lots of "old" samples from my library too.

Enjoy the music!

PS - there is a bonus track that goes with this one! Coming up soon...

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