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Last weekend I had my 3rd liveact! I played 10 tracks in 70 Minutes. Some of the tracks you might know, like "Ein letzter Blick zurück", "Say Hi" and "Immer weiter", BUT the other 6 tracks aren't yet published for different reasons. Here is the tracklist (with many temporary titles):

...1) Neotrance (00:00)
... 2) Juntos (5:21)
... 3) Frog (13:26)
... 4)Regroove (20:04)
... 5) Drifting in Airiness (25:18)
... 6) Immer weiter! (31:26)
... 7) Say hi! (40:45)
... 8) Fish! (46:36)
... 9) Ein letzter Blick zurück (49:09)
... 10) Hardelektro (58:45)

and really IMPORTANT, the link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1236300/Lizard%20-%203rd%20liveact%20%2814.08.10%29.mp3
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  • Dr. Sound
    Finest Trance and the 106 megs are definately worth the download!!! When you perform live, how does it look, do you have a notebook or even other equipment, e. g. midi controllers, drumpads etc. on stage???
  • Hi Thanks for your comment! I do it this way, (relatively complicated): To make it a little easier, just one half of the tracks is arranged live. Thus I don't need to be fully concentrated and turn knobs for more than 1 hour. I put all my tracks together in one file. For this I'm using the "import song"-function. Unfortunately it is necesary to adjust the wavetable (for the livetracks - pretty annoying. For my prearranged titles I use "Fuzzpilz inp". Very very useful here. When I'm arranging live, I'm using my midikeyboard M-Audio Radium, which has also a lot of midi-knobs For the 4th track I used 7 different knobs and sliders ... it was pretty fun arranging it. But it's probably a bit too wiered for the people if you have more questions let me know! Greets
  • Dr. Sound
    Thank you for your explanation bout your equipment! It is always interesting to know how people do their live gig's. I once saw some snippet of "groovelastig" performing live with WII-controllers, funny but also amazing! Ceep up your elaborated work ...
  • BHS
    As always great quality from Lizard. Very well done. I hope to find some spare time for a complete listen of this liveact. It would be interesting some photos or video with you in action. Good , very good really, you are talented.