Brass bird

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A little bit of funk, a little bit of dance. I hope you like the trumpets and the cheasy leachords One little question: is the bassline loud enough?
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  • BHS
    A W E S O M E and XTRA COOOOOL !!! no more words. Happy New Year !
  • Thanks, man!! Happy new year!
  • Buzztler
    The sound is good and powerful ...
  • flos
    Woaaah great track! The bass is loud enough for me, maybe I'd have chosen an electric guitar instead of a sinusoid... great synth programming Where does that beauty of brass come from???
  • hach ja... great work here....
  • Thanks a lot guys I took the trumpet oneshots out of a folder called 'soundtools'. But I can't remember where I've got it from. Flos, do you mean an electric bass-guitar?
  • flos
    @Lizard: yes ... 8)
  • really great! nothing else to say...
  • vaisnava
    A tip of my hat and one hell of a high five!
  • Thank you a lot. I'm really pleased that you all like it so much!
  • mag
    Oh yeah! Great funky/housey stuff Wonderful one! Bass is ok for me, great line btw. I enjoyed it a lot... Only thing I would bother is that here and there the sound is sometimes a bit too bright and metallic. Have you thought about three band compressor ? Could do the trick. But this is not important. The song is TOP NOTCH!!
  • Thanks, mag. It's true the sound is rather metallic. However, I don't know how to solve it. And I'm already using 3-band-compression. To be exact: it's Oomek's Masterizer with thresshold (Lo: -4.4, mid: -6.5, hi: - 6.5), decay each 200 ms, lo/mid-split 125Hz, mid/hi split 1550, and knee: ft-11-hard. btw: what do you mean by "could do the trick"?
  • mag
    Well, my english is always as good I mean it can correct this little problem. What you can use also is the great 30 band equalizer we have in buzz (joachim hyperion if I remember well). Use a signal analyser like Harc Vision to see which freq is too present maybe ?
  • [anonymous]
    to reach a more warm feel, you can also cut away some freq with a highpass-filter, but it refers to the listening equipment. i'm convinced on some studio-monitors it sounds very good and i think the higher-freq fit in
  • Lizard
    I am going to try those things out! Thx