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Pure trance. The beginning is pretty hard and very progressive. Later it turns pretty melodic.

Sparschäler helped me with this one. He sent me one of his tracks and I tried out a little melody which I really liked and so I succeeded on working.

The pad_phil, the main-lead-synths, and inf_stabs are made by him. And he also inspired me for this bassline.
The rest is by myself.

Have fun with this PURE buzz-track. You don't have Ozo B_8? here's a link to all the ozos I am using.
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  • Xaphoid
    Lizard if you have bmx projects that are larger than 5 megs you can post to the new BB under Project Forum.
  • BHS
    I am literally speechless. Simply GGRREEAAAAT !!! Wonderful. I want to try the bmx so i can achieve more audio quality (the bit rate of OGG is a bit low here). My best compliments for this to you and to Sparschaler.
  • very good ! lizi, you are the best trancemaster here i think... really ! i hope for you the lsd-club is opening again at the next time... you can do a real-cool-buzz-live-action again with your tunes... cu pete
  • BHS
    I have put my comment in the wrong point.
  • Thank you very much! 

    @Zaphoid: oh that's good, but luckily haven't had to cut anything in the bmx. I'll check out BB soon  

    @BHS: does the bmx work for you?
  • BHS
    I haven't tried yet the BMX. I hope this evening . Anyway you have done a great work here. (only listening the ogg) and i am sure that the BMX is plenty of useful suggestion for everybody. Thanks. Ciao . Paolo BHS.
  • BHS
    I get the error "Can't find registry etc...HKEY_CURRENT_USER.... etc. Ozo BSettingsBank...etc.." The same you have talk about with your track "A little snack". I am a bit undecided if i will make that modify in the register. Anyway i have put an eye at the general setup of generators and effects you used here and i must say : my God , is really an extermination of stuff. Big Big work here.
  • I've added the Ozo pack to the board under Gearhead forum
  • Lizard
    I hope you guys catch on the bmx. It's quite full and not very well ordererd. Putting the Ozo's to the Gearhead forum is a good idea!
  • I forgot to mention this song is just fantabulious! I had to invent a word for it. It's that good!! And it's pure buzz which I find hard to do these days.
  • Lizard
    Hehe, thank you! btw: I found the word in the internet (well, without the i)
  • BHS
    I would like to know if the bmx works ok to somebody and if the sound is the same as the OGG file.