Los Colores de la Primavera 1.01

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Ok I changed some little things. The bd is lower now, the lead synth is a little less thin, I reduced the high frequencies in the ending, lowered the hihats and I changed the piano a little - I hope you like the piano now.

What I've written before:

I started this one in the german spring 2009 and finally finished it in the peruvian spring
I really had enjoyed the first days of the spring. Sunshine, flowers and the smell. This inspired me to do this track.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

For better quality check out my homepage: lizard-music.com
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  • Clear sound! Very nice!!
  • mag
    Another little jewel Very well done, clean production. I dream of seing you trying another genre
  • Thank you! The rather funky stuff I normally just play on piano and that's it. I don't have recording stuff and I don't like playing on my keyboard. Maybe I should buy a sustainpedal. Let's see...