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Buzzmusic is back again!! What good news Finally I can up some of my new music here again! This one is rather technoid and with about 125 bpm rather slow. Iden (a friend of mine) and I created the drums and the bassline and some fx. The melodies, harmonics and the arrangement is all by myself.
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  • liz
    thanks, jeny!
  • i spend some time with your track ... i think Neotrance has got to be one of your best songs i heard from you... i really like it a lot. needs a easy outro break on the end for the dj
  • Thanks a lot! I can do an outro. Shall I keep the harmonic ending with the chords, and then add drums and maybe bassline again, or delete the chord part? What do you prefer? ...aha, jenny: I still would like to work on your remix of "don't laugh you're next". Could you send me the bmx? (
  • outro break as a 4x4 kick in the start of the track.... i was havein a hard time dj mixing it to the next song. i was having a hard time mastering that track (dont laugh your're next) i kind of stop working on it... umm i don't even know if i have it on my harddrive
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  • file format listing not bmx. This perfect for the new podcast. Good job. Is this all made in buzz?
  • Oops. I didn't notice. Thanks for your hint. It's actually made in buzz, but I've used some (commercial) vsts, like Helix from Audjoo, which is used for the bassline and the stringlike lead voice.
  • Admin