Soft Raindrops

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Hi, buzzers! My latest piece of music is very very melodic and pretty much a mixture of House and Trance. Do you like the arrangement? Or is it too long?
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  • mag
    Hi lizard, how are you I listened to your song and first thought it was a bit too repetitive and a bit cheesy (the main synth) then came the second part (at 03:16') and it turns into something awesome! I really dig this second half. I think maybe it would make more sense if the song begings at this place, no ? Well for my taste. Anyway, I enjoyed it a lot
  • Hey mag. Thanks for your comment. It's interesting how different the opinions are about this track. But there just less people who like both parts of it. Unfortunately, because I like both parts a lot. But I'm probably going to shorten it a little in the beginning.
  • Perhaps a bit too bright and happy to be really my cup of tea, but still enjoyed this. Production is great. Sounds full and nicely delivers. As mag, I prefer the second part, though . Nice one!
  • Hi lizard, just my 2 cents: for me it's not too unbalanced, I really like it!
  • Great track!
  • I haven't been to buzzmusic lately and I was really suprised, that there are 3 more comments. Thank you all!
  • Amazing work!