The Neptonion (Lizard's Mastering) (original by Zaphoid)

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I didn't change the arrangement at all. I just did some equalizing and put a masterizer in front of the master to maker its sound fatter.

Mmm, I'm not satisfied of the sound of "bass 1". Really hard to eq this bass
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  • BHS
    Hi Lizard. A question : you have left "Master pattern" untouched and so the master volume is not to the max. Masterizer limits the signal on his output and so the master output don't reach ever the max possible. There is a explanation for this setup ?. Ciao. Paolo BHS. P.S. your BMX version works perfectly for me.
  • Hiho! Erm, I didn't really think about it. Of course one can put the master volume to maximum. Cause I often do not put the master to max (don't ask me why), I normalize the recorded wav.
  • Listening to your master version now. Sounds like you did a good job of it. I wonder why your verison worked for BHS and not the original? I tend to master my mixdown in reaper instead of using cpu intensive master plugs in buzz. Right now it is stuttering do to overloaded cpu usage. I only have a 2 ghz cpu