Trax In Space

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Louigi Verona
An anthem tune which I wrote when Trax In Space version 2 ( was launched. Contrary to my hopes, this tune did not become an official Trax In Space tune. Neither did Trax In Space get a second life.
Oh well =)
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  • Cheesy but awesome cheesy!   This is a keeper

    I was disappointed about the new TIS too.  I remember the massive participation in the original TIS site.  Felt like a much bigger community even though at that time I wasn't a participant just a spectator.  
  • I never participated in the original TiS too (had no Internet at home back then, couldn't participate anywhere, really). I did release a couple of tunes there - and they were lame! - but indeed it did feel like a massive community.
    TiS2 was good in the beginning. The site felt fresh. Also it was at that time that I started to do ambient and suddenly it made me known, I was even once artist of the month. Personal Diaries of an Arrant Space Cowboy EP followed and many other projects and I was frequently no.1 in the charts. I also did a weekly podcast for a while. So I was at the center of the new community!
    But then it all went downhill. Then you'd be no.1 simply because you'll be one of the few releasing. And also there was a huge copyright fight when I was accused of "stealing" a song because I used a 5 sec sample, but roncli thought I just copied the whole song and publicly posted about it.
    This is when all of this started to fall apart and I began to get interested in copyright questions.
  • It is common practice in the world of Electronic music and hiphop to rip small clips of other tunes and rearrange them to your liking.  Say for example I could take a one note sample of Sarah Mclachlans voice and make a vox pad out of it and no one would know the difference. 

  • In my case you could tell. Basically, I took a 5 sec drum loop, then just looped it and played my stuff over it. I did not know whose that tune was, I just got it from an online radio.