2020 19 nov

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Drum & Bass
Long time without buzzing. Lost a bit inspiration because of some life bad moments. Now it's better but not totaly finished. So it's raw and basic but it's me Fell free to remix bla, bla, bla...
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  • Glad you feel a little better now. Life can be ugly sometimes! .... Approved bass-heavy mv chill-out you made here. I always like your smooth chords!!
  • Sometimes even buzz is no comfort. I can feel the rage in this song. Good vivid energy and emotions. ...Combined with your thoughtfulness in the chords. Well, really inspired, actually. (Unfortunately I have empty patterns. well, there are bigger problems of course )
  • ok, solved the empty pattern problem! (!!)
  • What was the problem ?
  • Your buzzscan threat in the forum gave me an idea, because I have seen after loading this Nov19 song the  "Jeskola PatternXP mod vs "Jeskola PtternXP" in TS' elica sun. Years ago I followed the recommendation of Chahur in his forum thread to replace the regular XP with the mod, to avoid forgetting to use it. That brought be to hell, because either my songs or songs from some other buzzer had trouble. Now the solution, I just copied the the XP.dll and renamed it to XP mod.dll, so now I have two XP mod dlls actually, but named different. But I still have the problem that I loose notes when switched between the editors ... Dont ask why I have done it earlier ha ha
  • loaded OK here.Patterns OK.I have not any problems to load older bmx song and switch to pattern XP,pattern XP mod without loosing notes.Vice versa is not possible in my case.
  • I have the PatternXP + the PatternXP mod. No big problems but yes sometimes I losse notes when switching between the two PXP. I have the two because of compatibility problems between various bmx. We should ask again to chahur what is the best way to avoid these annoying (but rare) problems.