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magmavander & Xaphoid
Trip Hop
A cool version of a song I wrote. Zaphoid added a lot of cool accoustic guitar chords and solos. At the times I tend to use complex chaining, which is not always a good idea. CAREFUL : I use here the Farbrausch V2 synth, a fantastic synth but it crashes Buzz if you want to open it by double click. A pity because it was one the best buzz synth, superb sound quality, but there was not a new version for new Buzz. 
Buzz module (BMX/BMW)
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  • Ah, great "lazy" tune (the atmosphere, not the work in it ). A h yes, the v2 crashes, unfortunately even at loading here.
  • I can load bmx OK.After opening V2 gui, then buzz crash. Otherwise runing good. THANK you Mag. Nice collaboration. 
  • Have'nt installed v2 properly. After reinstallation it loads ok (crashes by clicking, too). I have seen that there is also an VST version in the package, maybe it runs better ...?
  • VST not working in my buzz installation. Couldn't load v2edit.dle file.I think I miss something.>https://ibb.co/PMznnt2<
  • polac wrote: "Try the vst version of farbrausch v2 in polac vst and run it as a separate process(hold shift key while loading the vst)".  works !!!
  • no presets. Have to load the single version.!
  • great!I'll try it.Thanks HerrFornit for this.
  • Yep! The vst one works perfectly. This is really a fantastic synth. The frabrausch team have released in 2007 one of the most beautiful demo I've seen : https://youtu.be/mxfmxi-boyo
  • jesus! megademo for true. In former times I couldnt get enough. thanx!
  • I love Demos, it's a new form of Art for me, the most modern Art actually. Try this one, Fairlight is great too : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkhDR91TH9M
  • wow. real progress. The language of forms reminds to the farbrausch demo a little bit.
  • Just a reminiscence:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPoYzwib7JQCouldn't find disc2 of it. Even better.
  • Very nice Colab!