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  • I had a feeling the Oppenheimer quote would be in there when I saw the name of the song.  Very solid work, I like the little bomb dropping type noises in the background and the ticking time bomb, completes a nuclear apocalyptic type theme.
  • Thanks Bob
  • Hi, nice track. Strange sounds. I feel the nuke

    Einstein said that it would be silly to try to boil water with nuclear stuff. And we still did. Now they say the powerplants are safe (like they always did) but what will earth look like if every 25 years an accident happens the scale of Chernobyl or Fukushima (which was even 10 times worse then Chernobyl).

    Some time ago I read that they wanted to build another powerplant in Holland because otherwise a company would get into debt oslt. Even though we don't need one... It's all about the money, and you can make more money by destroying things.

    Where the banks go, is where the wars are gonna be... And in fact it's just a logical consequence if society is based on debt, and then you can only wait till people realise that it doesn't work.