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This one begans with a freeware vst test, the excellent Lord of the Spring : 
I wanted to introduce a kind of anguish mood, some disconfort. 
I used a lot of free vst, in particular the great Lynx from our buzz friend Xenobioz.
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  • Sweet keys. I appreciate the discordance, feeling a Boards of Canada vibe Love the rhythm
  • I'm watching you,
    I watch your smile
    It makes me dream of you
    You're in my mind
    Dreaming of all those lost
    Versions not just one or two
    I'm a tracker
    I'm watching you, you
    Javolenus mag too
    When winter comes
    Deeper nights, deeper
    Miracles will help
    Snippets will do
    4 just you
    Mag and Donnie Ozone
    Destination unknown
    Mag eshar Magic moon
    4 you will be myself
    ... maar myself gaat nu weer
    even tv kijken, doei tot later.

    Maar mooi stukje muziek overigens !!!
    Ik kon niks anders verzinnen om erover op te schrijven ... verders...
  • I'm listening to it a bit louder now,
    maybe my neigbours can hear it too.
    Thanks Magmavander !!!!!!!!!!!!
    ... and thanks neigbours in case you do
    like this song too... because I hope you
    do... (nt) (I mean thebuzzmachinesforumntversionofntbut itisuptothoselittleracalstomakewhatoutofwhatfor the sake of something good coming out of it because i've had enough of it for now and ever since they came, just sick of it...even if I will never know who is behind all this, and I even don't care, so... ??? why was it so quiet this weekend you sons of a rich "somebody" that you clearly don't want to become ???)
  • Sorry for the overload,
    not meant for your shouders Magma,
    I got a message to start up my compuyter
    while reacting on this site the first tie since
    a few/ormaybejustone years... and I think just about what I always tell my mother, that they fool people all over the place, and especially her friend that it's just that single little bit different that makes tings so unbeleavalebly (not) true)
  • So...
  • ...waiting for the right moment to start up my computer would make the message that sharing information with buzztunes would be not safe would dissappear when I wait a little longer ??? ...No I just started dreaming when I heart this song and  wrote the dream.
    Thank you Magmavander for all that you have done and be.