Infector My Love

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Trip Hop
I cant upload the bmx. Too big (44 Mo). 
It's a tribute to Infector, this good old marvelous synth. Unless the drums and vocal/choirs all is done with it. 
It was quickly done so it's not finished.

Main vocal by KnowKontrol :

SteelyVibe angel choir :
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  • airy, atmospheric tune. the vocals are sitting very smoothly in the mix. it somehow reminds me of a.r. kane.
  • Thanks thOke  
  • I am impressed again, what you can do with infector!
    chilled song with nice chord progression. The vocal completes the song!

    (don't have the hilo butterworth filter. Empty pattern problem again anyway. Sorry probably my patternXP installation!?)

  • Hmmm, I think it's my setup that maybe cause problems. I have both original PatternXP and PatternXP mod installed. 
    I should rename the PatternXP mod to PatternXP and remove the original PatternXP I think... I can send you the hilopass filter if you want (it dont seems to be at buzz-plugins.
  • I have empty patterns as well