K Duet

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Acid Jazz
Just some jazz quickly done.
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  • Sounds good! That soft crackles in the beat - I like it  
  • You used your superb SF2-upright-Bass (convinced you used it in XS-1) and the drums (your style would be be some BTD-stuff) and the nice (mda?) piano ... great saxophone part ... damn fine (acid) jazz ... 10 (imo)
  • Thanks my friends. 
    The crackles are made with our good old Zu Tube Head. A superb 'warmifier'.
    Buzztler, you know me very well
    Yes it's my upright bass soundfont played with XS1. Drums are programed with SampleGrid3 and the piano is... mda piano!! 
    I admit that this song is a sort of magmavander's classic
  • Ehm, did expect a comment on my suggestion of a saxophone in the track ... it is something different from the wind section, plz tell me what you used ...
  • I'm not sure to understand... The wind section is made with XS-1 and two free soundfonts : sax tenor and flugelhorn. A saxophone solo would be great for sure
  • Thx, I just had the feeling that it is not a pure Sax sound in the track ... and well, the "flugelhorn" was the "missing link" ...
  • I like that, has the classic magmavander sound.