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Another quickly done track. Buzz machines and two short 'atmosphere'  samples I have created. I used Qsamo so you need new buzz. Feel free to remix, of course
EDIT : Hmmm, there was a mistake in the bmx and the side tic snare wasnt played. I uploaded it again without the bug. For those who have downloaded the previous one, go in pattern editor, choose SGridBETA, pattern 00, Go to the sample track number 5 and put 00 at 'Group' column.
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  • Interesting atmospheric ideas.
    The bass is quite heavy, but nice.
    I think about playing a little with it,
    but I notice that (just like with ThOke's
    Lazyness track) new buzz 1464 doesnt
    load anything from the bmx exept a machineview
    with some missing connections.
    (no patterns, no sequence, no samples)

    Is there some magic I'm missing?
  • the bmx loads fine here (bld 1465) ... i guess you have either effects in the generators folder or vice versa. nice track, mv.
  • I agree with thOke here. Solid buzz-work (yeah, I use the new buzz from time to time when I get my hands on a Windows PC). I wish Qsamo was backported to the old 1.2, but I guess it'll never happen. A cool machine it is anyways.
  • aah, thanks ThOke,
    The BTDSys SampleGrid Out.dll was in the wrong folder.
    ...besides missing samplegrid beta files.
    I notice there's more in the wrong folder. I think I'll install
    final commander or something like that to compare my old buzz dir
    with the new buzz dir. The big pack at buzzmachines.com has some
    machines etc. in the wrong place. (and too old versions sometimes)

    I'll try if I can figure out why i can't load your
    lazyness track, but I can't find kibibu's simple gain and ld hihat though.
  • Hi, thank you all here is the list of machines used :

    [    1] Master
    [    1] BTDSys SampleGrid 2 BETA 061110 - B8
    [    1] Jeskola Qsamo
    [    6] HD HALYverb  (hd.gut.ru) 
    [    1] Bigyo Earth Plate [exists]
    [    3] Fuzzpilz Chorpse [exists]
    [    2] Jeskola Pattern XP [exists]
    [    2] Automaton EQ-7 [exists]
    [    2] Oomek Exciter [exists]
    [    2] Rymix StereoBox Pro [exists]
    [    1] Zephod Blue Filter [exists]
    [    1] Matilde Tracker2 [exists]
    [    1] Rymix FlaserBox [exists]
    [    1] HD Phat-Grad  (hd.gut.ru) 
    [    1] FSM Philthy [exists]
    [    1] FSM PhatMan [exists]
    [    1] kibibu Stereo Width [exists]
    [    1] BTDSys SampleGrid Out [exists]
    [    1] MadBrain's D500 [exists]
    [    1] FireSledge ParamEQ [exists]
    [    1] Joachims Temperature [exists]
    [    1] Joachims Compressor v4
    [    1] Oomek Masterizer [exists]

    created by buzzScan 1.o

    Hope that helps!

    btw : I think the vst version of Qsamo should work in old buzz thru polac

  • Simple gain is a part of kibibu stereo tools.  
    The ld beta machines link i can't find at the moment, will post it tomorrow.
  • @ ThOke: No it isn't in that zip!!!  o_O That's why I ask.

    I try this now though: (confusing it is kinda)
    I downloaded a different zip (same zip-name) a long time ago
    and right now from that zip I rename the "kibibu stereo gain.dll"
    (not present in the zip on bm.com)
    to "kibibu simple gain.dll" and I open your track
    (lazyness) and I get no error message about parameters
    being wrong, but parameterview still shows it's
    the stereo gain dll, not the simple.
    But I don't know if there's a difference in these machines.
    ..hmmm.... renaming can be confusing like
    people once have said, so I don't know if I want to do that.
    ..small problem though... still have to find other machines that
    are in the wrong folder, I'll do that later.

    Magma's track loads nicely.
  • oops ...
    here is the link to a stereo tools pack from 2009 with simple gain:

    and here the link to ld beta machines:
  • Thanks ThOke, you have a lot of buzzknowledge..
    ..buzz more updated..  ..still more to do..
    (..after years of no updating..)
    (btw I meant total commander, not final commander)
  • works in buzz 1453 ... thx for the machine links ...
  • Nice track Mag, got this smooth Magmavander vibe to it . I havent made any track in 3 months because of business+Lazyness But I´ve already started on my remix of this song and will post it as soon as I finish it. 
  • So, now I've listened to this track and give a comment and voting (10) so it is a nice 9 track for me finally ... solid mag-work ...